Sec. Math 1: Unit 2 - Systems of Equations with Applications

Unit "I CAN" Checklist

2.1 What is a Solution?

No Practice, just think about what you learned.

2.2A Solving Systems by Graphing

2.2B Solving Systems by Graphing

2.3 Solving Systems by Substitution

2.4 Solving Systems by Substitution

Mid-Unit Practice Test

2.5A1 Systems in Context

2.5A2 Systems in Context

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2.5B1 Systems in Context

2.5B2 Systems in Context

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2.5C Systems in Context

2.6A Graphing Linear Inequalities

2.6B Graphing Linear Inequalities

2.6C Graphing Linear Inequalities

2.7A Linear Programming

2.7B Linear Programming

2.7C Linear Programming

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Practice Test

Unit "I CAN" Checklist