Math 1050 Textbook, Calendar & Practice Assignments

TEXTBOOK: The textbook used for this course is "College Algebra" by Michael Sullivan 9th edition. Used copies of this textbook can be found at various online retailers and used textbook sites. A picture of the text is below.

Generic Calendar: This course was taught on a four-day-a-week schedule. This is a Generic Calendar that can help with the pacing of this course. Adjusted according to your needs.

PRACTICE ASSIGNMENTS: This is a List of Assignments and problems that can be used to practice the skills taught in the course and to prepare for exams.

GRAPH PAPER: There is a lot of graphing in this course. Many types of printable graph paper can be found online. Here are three options: Graph Paper: Six- 10x10 Graph Paper: Twelve- 9x9 Graph Paper: Six- NoTicks/Scale