How To Learn USing THIS WEbsite

Most of this website is designed to be used as part of a class, but it can be used by anyone who wants to learn math. Although it is very helpful to have a teacher, adult, or friend who can help you, it is possible to grow your knowledge of math on your own. There is enough material and content here to help someone go from an elementary student (who knows the basics of arithmetic, fractions, and decimals) to a student who understands first semester calculus. Each course on this website has units, sections, selected solutions, and practice tests or unit review assignments.

Almost every section has:

  1. Fill-in-the-blank notes

  2. Lesson video

  3. Practice Assignment

Almost every unit ends with a test. Some units have mid-unit tests or quizzes. Tests and Quizzes are only available from a teacher; tests and quizzes are NOT available on this website.

Here is how you should approach each section:

  1. Print the notes.

  2. Fill in the notes as you watch the video and learn the concepts.

  3. When you are done with the notes, you will be asked to complete a practice assignment.

- For Practice Assignments: Please show the work to solve the problems and circle your answers. Your teacher will tell you when and how the practice work will be corrected.

- Selected Solutions are Available : The odd answers for most assignments can be checked using the selected solutions to make sure you are on the right track as you do assignments.

Here is how you should approach each unit:

  1. Do the sections in order.

  2. Do the practice tests and quizzes and check your answers using the solutions video or the solutions PDF.

  3. If you are using this website as part of a course, your teacher will administer the test.

ALSO NOTE: You should keep all your notes and practice work organized in a binder so you can use them to study for quizzes and the unit test.

There is a self-assessment at the end of most notes and practice assignments. The self-assessment allows you to rate your skills. The ratings are as follows:

4- I fully understand the skill and I can demonstrate the correct process and get problems right all the time.

3- I understand the skill and I can get problems right most of the time. (More than 80% of the time.)

2- I generally understand the skill, but I can only get the problems right some of the time. (Less than 80%.)

1- I kind of understand the skill, but I can only get problems right if I have help.

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