Math 7: Unit 6- Rates, Ratios, & Unit Rates

*Please notice that some sections have Online Practice Assignments (OPA's) available. These are optional, but may give you some feedback as you practice new skills.*

Unit "I CAN" Checklist

6.0 Coordinate Graphing Review & Puzzle

See Practice Worksheet

6.1 Ratios and Rates

6.2A Equivalent Ratios

6.2B Equivalent Ratios

6.3A Unit Rates

6.3B Unit Rates

6.4 Unit Rates with Fractions

6.5A Unit Rates and Equations

6.5B Unit Rates and Equations

See 6.5A Notes

See End of 6.5A Video

6.6 Rate & Ratio Review

See Practice Worksheet

Practice Test

Unit "I CAN" Checklist