Math 8: Unit 6 - Systems of Equations

Unit "I CAN" Checklist

6.1A Solving Systems by Graphing

6.1B Solving Systems by Graphing

6.2 Approximatine Solutions to Systems by Graphing

6.3 Solving Systems w/ Graphing Calculator

6.4A Solving Systems in Context

6.4B Solving Systems in Context

6.4C Solving Systems in Context

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Unit "I CAN" Checklist

PLEASE NOTE: HONORS TOPICS BELOW!Sections 6.5 and 6.6 introduce skills that show you two advanced techniques for solving equations (substitution and elimination). These are topics for an honors 8th grade math class. Your teacher may or may not assign these and you may or may not be tested on these skills if you are in an honors class. Either way, these are skills that will be used in most advanced math classes.

6.5A Solving Systems by Substitution

6.5B Solving Systems by Substitution

6.5C Solving Systems by Substitution

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6.6A Solving Systems by Elimination

6.6B Solving Systems by Elimination

6.6C Solving Systems by Elimination