Math 7: Unit 4 - Rational numbers & expressions

*Please notice that some sections have Online Practice Assignments (OPA's) available. These are optional, but may give you some feedback as you practice new skills.*

Unit "I CAN" Checklist

4.1 Intro to Rational Numbers

4.2 Common Rational Numbers Part 1

4.2 Common Rational Numbers Part 2

4.2 Tables of Common Rational Numbers (if needed)

4.3 Rational Number Operations (No Calculator)

4.4 (TI-30 Multiview) Rational Number Operations

4.4 (ti-30xIIs) Rational Number Operations

4.5 Rational Numbers in Context

See Practice Worksheet

4.6 Combining Like Terms with Rational numbers

4.7 Distributing with Rational Numbers

4.8 Factoring with Rational Numbers

Practice Test

Unit "I CAN" Checklist