"REDO" & "LATE" Assignments

"REDO's" & "LATE" Assignments:

  • The goal of doing practice assignments is to LEARN the concepts and skills! Redoing an assignment is NOT about getting more points, it's about learning. Getting more points is a byproduct of your learning.

  • REDO and LATE practice assignments must be turned in BEFORE the unit test on that material.

  • You are allowed turn in practice assignments that were not done on time or on which you received a score lower than 80%.

  • You can get up to 100% credit if you were absent and up to 80% credit if you are redoing a low or missing score.

  • Clearly indicate "REDO" or "ABSENT" in CAPITAL LETTERS when you turn in the assignment.

  • The only way to turn in redo or late assignments after the unit test is as part of a retake "corrective" described in the next section.




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